Saturday, May 15, 2010

Clerk of the Circuit City?

The Lake County Courthouse is now equipped with some new video monitors. The News-Sun reported today ...
Special fund bankrolled new TVs
Coffelt takes County Board off the hook
the Clerk of the Circuit Court bought ten new 40-inch monitors for $40,000. At $4000 per unit, Circuit Clerk Sally Coffelt must not shop for her electronics at the Best Buy, where a 40-inch TV can be brought home & installed that same day for $500 and change.

The purpose of the monitors, according to the News-Sun, is to ...
display the names and courtrooms scheduled each day. The display is similar to what people see when they go to the airport. That's where the idea came from, Coffelt said.
(While waiting for a delayed flight, your LakeCountyEye hazards to guess.) Coffelt also told the News-Sun that money for the monitors came from a ...
designated project fund that did not come from tax dollars.
Um, ok, if taxpayers did not pay for the equipment, then who did? Your LakeCountyEye doubts that it was an out-of-pocket expense for Coffelt. But one never knows, the many Coffelt friends & family members on the Circuit Clerk's payroll may have chipped into a hat a couple bucks each to cover the expense.

Other Counties make their Court Records available on the Internet -- even in bronze-age McHenry County you can take care of your traffic tickets on-line. Of course this is all probably too much to hope for from the Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court. At least they can manage 40-inch screens! Here are the 10 most watched shows on the new Lake County Courthouse HDTVs.

10 Top Rated Shows on the New Lake County Courthouse Monitors
1Judge Judy
2Grand Theft Auto IV
3Waukegan Escape Artist
4Video Poker
5Dan Duffy Red Light Videos
6Scottsdale Holiday Invitational Girls Basketball Tournament Cancelled
7Wet I own the (female body part), so I make the rules T-Shirt Contest
8Dog the Bounty Hunter
9Leave Britney Alone!
10The Ballad of Sally Coffelt

For those wondering, your LakeCountyEye may be contacted at the Lake County Courthouse. Look for the propeller-head with the universal remote.


Crazy4glf said...

Does she still get to call herself a fiscal conservative?

Can we expect a social media extravaganza via her website before the next election?

Doesn't a $40,000 purchase require a bid process?

Whether from fees received or taxes these TV's were paid for by our tax dollars. Can we expect Dish or Directv?

Anonymous said...

I bought a 42 inch television at Best Buy for $890 a few weeks after Christmas. What a waste of taxpayer money. I'm wondering where she purchased them from, and who made the profit on these TV's.

redtail said...

Some enterprising blogger should use Freedom of Information Act requests to find out about these purchases!

Barney Baxter said...

hi redtail,

"Some enterprising blogger should use Freedom of Information Act requests to find out about these purchases!"

Well, that rules out the LakeCountyEye.