Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Creepy Tribune Cartoonist
Draws Another Creepy Cartoon

The creepy Chicago Tribune editorial cartoonist shriveled your LakeCountyEye's Grape-Nuts this morning ...

Chicago Tribune, 05/05/2010
Look out lady, the INFLATION goblins want to swallow your kid!

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IllinoisJim said...

Dear Eye. Thank you again for reporting on the situation in Buffalo Grove. I don’t live there but if my city counsel member were behaving like so, I would be somewhat embarrassed. But there is more here. Castro, Hitler, Nazi. Notice how these terms come from Western Civilization. Surely there are characters from the Mid East, Far East, and South Asia that we can compare our fellow Americans to. I am asking you to develop a table of character descriptions that would also fit Mr. Pol Pot, Mr. Mao, Mr. Goomba, Mr. Che, and others. You would rate these people on such characteristics as: number of victims, pushiness, linear thinking, obnoxiousness, bad table manners, and sarcasm. That way our representatives would have vocabulary more nuanced and biting.

An alderman would state, “If we allow our leader that power, Caribou Grove will end up having a secretive dictator like Notell Patel”!! The very mention of that name would so frighten and enrage the public there would be torchlight parades, candlelight vigils, and prayers for “open government”. Naturally, counter protestors approving Mr. Patel’s recent veto of the outdoor burning ban would carry signs stating, “Burn in Hell, morons. Grill baby, Grill!”

IllinoisJim said...

Oops, I, IllinoisJim clicked the wrong comment. Please see above