Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lock'em Up & Throw Away the Tee

A Constitutional crisis is unfolding and within our midst. Judge Helen Rozenburg, at the Waukegan County Court on Monday, tossed a spectator into the County lockup on a charge of contempt. The reason? The spectator was wearing a T-shirt with an inappropriate message. The improper message? It was, according to the News-Sun ...
I own the (female body part), so I make the rules.
Round Lake Park woman protests penalty for T-shirt
One doesn't need to be a Constitutional scientist to recognize a flagrant violation of our free speech rights. Sharp-eyed Operatives will discern that the actual message has been redacted and the News-Sun has violated our First Amendment rights to know what was written on the T-shirt!

To avert a Constitutional showdown of Watergational proportion, your LakeCountyEye has volunteered to break news and divulge the fulltext of the pernicious shirt ...
I own the County Judge, so I make the rules.
This and many other Lake County Lawyer Jokes are available free of charge, courtesy Google.

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