Friday, February 26, 2010

Walsh in the Wash

Tea Party candidate for the Eighth Congressional District, Joe Walsh wasted no time after his Feb 2 upset primary win. Walsh was spotted three days later at a National Tea Party Convention thanking his supporters.
Republican candidate for the 8th Congressional District Joe Walsh said that he planned to continue his campaign the way he did in the primary –as the "Tea Party candidate." Walsh backed it up by speaking Friday at the Tea Party convention in Nashville. "Everybody has been asking me, 'Are you going to be the Tea Party candidate in the general [election]?'" he said before delivering his speech. "My answer is yes, because this is not about party."
Joe Walsh: I'm still the Tea Party candidate
And three weeks later, your LakeCountyEye finds the Walsh campaign still fishing for earned media. Already a stunt double for semi-retired guitar band the Eagles, it seems that Walsh is now performing his own, stunts.
Watch Joe Walsh Jump in The Fox Lake!
Taking a break from his own campaign fund-raising, Joe Walsh, Republican candidate for Congress in the Illinois 8th, will be participating this Sunday in the annual Law Enforcement Torch Run Polar Plunge Charity Event to raise funds for the Special Olympics.
Date: Sunday, February 28, 2010
Time: 1:00pm
Place: Lakefront Park, Nippersink Boulevard, Fox Lake
8th District: Joe Walsh Jumps in Fox Lake
Your LakeCountyEye suspects that Walsh is writing his own press releases as well. This observation is based on Daily Herald reports that Walsh has seen two campaign managers quit; a third is suing Walsh for $20,000 for unpaid wages; and Walsh currently has $7000 in the bank.
Two staffers leave Walsh's House campaign
Earned media is a poor substitute for campaign cash, particularly if that earned media involves jumping in Fox Lake, in February. The Special Olympics are certainly a worthy charity to support; however by this time of the year a polar bear plunge is already an, erm, overexposed attention getter. Expect a tepid response at best. Your LakeCountyEye would be surprised to see a reporter, or even an unemployed blogger there. Well maybe one from McHenry county.

Of course politics is the art of the possible. If the schedule has you jumping in Fox Lake, your LakeCountyEye recommends taking a tip from the professionals -- the professional entertainers. Like they did on the Tonight Show -- back when Steve Allen was the host. One show your LakeCountyEye recalls, Allen dove into a giant teacup while wearing teabags.
STEVE ALLEN: Another time, they covered me with about 100 little tea bags. I jumped into a big thing of hot water.
LARRY KING: So that was pre-Letterman.
STEVE ALLEN: Yes, right.

A Look Back at Steve Allen in His Own Words
One suit of teabags -- now fabled in story and song. It's still being talked about. And imitated.

Candidates do a lot of things for attention, like parades or jumping into lakes. But an opportunity like this comes along once every election -- if you're lucky. Your LakeCountyEye estimates that a teabag costume would set a campaign back about $40. Just sayin!

Teabag Costume

Now there's something your LakeCountyEye would pay to see!


Anonymous said...

I think he's going to pose a problem for Bean this November. She hasn't done a very good job of appealing to the base that got her elected, and she'll have problems turning out progressives this fall, if the primary is any sort of indicator. With Quinn and Giannoulias on the ballot right above her - this one may be rough, and will depend on Walsh's ability to raise funds to compete with Bean. She's vulnerable on the issues with independents - we'll see how he runs it. A "Ron Paul style Republican" could have real traction in the 8th District.

Anonymous said...

Teabag is not a movement, it is a cult. The basic premise for a tea party is a tax revolt....guess what....98% of tea bag people (I can't say teabaggers, because these naive people have no idea what teabagging is all about) got a tax cut this year!!!!!!

Joe Walsh who has been through 3 campaign managers/staff already, lives way over in Winnetka and has no idea what goes on in the 8th has an uphill battle.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:53....... 4:53am? That must explain it! You're sleep deprived and its effect on your thought process is showing. Walsh is an issue-less, record-less, idea-less, and utterly clueless mouth-piece. But I'm glad he's dipping into the tea bag mentality. Now every photograph of any GOP politician standing next to him will be political fodder.

Walsh must really believe in fiscal responsibility, because with his every move, Congresswoman Bean's campaign balance sheet is looking brighter and brighter.