Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cohen, Cohen, Gone?

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Scott Lee Cohen, did well in Lake County adding 9000 votes to his bottomline. This represented 29% of the Lake County vote, a couple points better than his winning 26% statewide margin. Cohen's message of free-jobs-for-everyone seemed to resonate well up here in a county decimated by triple digit unemployment numbers. But Cohen's Lake County election takehome was not good enough to beat Terry Link, who dominated in the county with 42%. If Lake County sentimental favorite Link had been able to sustain that 42% statewide, then -- well who is your LakeCountyEye kidding? Did Link really think a southern Illinois strategy would get him over the top? By campaigning in Pekin Illinois? Sure, a southern strategy worked for Nixon. But your LakeCountyEye knew Dick Nixon. Worked with Dick Nixon. Terry Link is no Dick Nixon.

Going into the election, Scott Lee Cohen's claim to fame had been an Impeach Rod Blagojevich website ...
The cruel irony being that Blagojevich now has a website demanding Cohen's resignation. 

Yeppers, Mr Cohen obviously did not stop to think that whole Lieutenant Governor project through. For LakeCountyEye operatives who have been buried in the witness protection program the past week, the Daily Herald has the LOL details ...
Quinn hints at replacement for running mate
LakeCountyEye operatives are in contact with Scott Lee Cohen and report the rumors are true that Cohen is looking for a face-saving way drop out. Cohen is actually weighing a variety of options. Your LakeCountyEye has seen some of them and compiled the best here. Below are 10 reasons that Scott Lee Cohen is considering for dropping out of the Lieutenant Governor's race:

Scott Lee Cohen's 10 Reasons Under Consideration for
Stepping Out of the Lieutenant Governor's Race
1) I want to spend more time with my wife and children.

2) I want to spend more time with my massage therapist.

3) I've just been informed January 29 is not Annual-Impeach-the-Governor Day.

4) I got a better job. At a Scott Lee Cohen job fair.

5) Someone pawned my Illinois Certificate of Election.

6) Democrats need diversity to balance out the top of the ticket. Let's give it up for my replacement, Alan Keyes.

7) The Illinois constitution does not permit a sitting Lieutenant Governor to participate in the witness protection program.

8) The Democratic leadership have given me a number of reasons. 2 million reasons to be exact.

9) Who the hell wants to live in Springfield?

10) I'm a total asshat.

LakeCountyEye operatives have been asked to vote for the best reason above and forward their results to Mr Cohen:


Team America said...

My theory is that Terry Link only did well with Lake County voters because they know him best, and figured this was a good shot at getting him out of the County, and from the State Senate to a job where he could do less damage.

People in the rest of the state didn't have that motivation, and no one really knew him, so no one cared, hence his finish in dead last among 6 candidates.

Bystander said...

I don't often agree with TA, but here I think you may have a good point. I actually know several Democrats in Lake County who did just that.

Barney Baxter said...

I don't think Link bothered to campaign at all in the burbs. He may have been hoping to pull off a Bill Brady, while counting on a good showing in the burbs. I think Cohen's strong suburban numbers wrecked that plan.


Team America said...

Well, I guess they won't have SLC to kick around anymore. But I doubt Link will get the nod.

Barney Baxter said...


Hundred to one against.


Team America said...

BB - You're not winning any sucker bets from me, even at those odds!