Tuesday, February 23, 2010

C-Notes for Keynotes

April 15 is fast approaching, which means it is that time when LakeCountyEye operatives will be reaching for their checkbooks. No, not for the IRS -- all LakeCountyEye Ops are unemployed bloggers. April 15 is the annual Lake County Republican Federation Spring Dinner. Actually it's scheduled on April 16 this year. Likely attendees are expected to be attending some tax protest or other, come April 15.

The Daily Herald has the details ...
Minnesota governor to speak
Your LakeCountyEye has confirmed that the keynote will be delivered by the Governor of Minnesota. Those looking forward to seeing some WWE smackdown action, however, will be disappointed. Jesse Ventura has not been the Governor of Minnesota since 2003. The current governor is Rick Tim Pawlenty. For those who don't recognize the name, Pawlenty is basically Bobby Jindal plus a parka. Pawlenty was last spotted talking like a toughguy at the CPAC convention. The strategy netted him a solid 6% for fourth place in the CPAC straw poll.

Last year, Ops will recall, the dinner was keynoted by South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. Those looking forward this year to seeing some Argentine Backbreaker action will be disappointed.

Pawlenty was not the Federation's first choice. Your LakeCountyEye has learned that no fewer than 10 other speakers were first invited. As these things go and needless to say, they will not be keynoting the dinner for a variety of reasons. For those who have a need to know what might have been, your LakeCountyEye can divulge the whos and the howcomes ...

Ten Other Keynote Speakers Invited to the
2010 Lake County Republican Federation Spring Dinner
Gov. Mark Sanford

Hiking the Appalachian Trail.
Ex-Gov. Sarah Palin

$100,000. Up front. Cash. 'Nuff said.
Alan Keyes

Too liberal.
Cong. Mark Kirk

Too fickle.
Princess Nudelman

Demanding Lake Michigan water.
State Sen. Dan Duffy

Caught at a red light.
Goodin Pawlenty

Directory assistance incorrectly gave number to Pawlenty cousin.
Ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich

Taping new Fox Series:
I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of this Prison!
Scott Lee Cohen

Originally accepted the invitation; then officially dropped out.
Glenn Beck

Audition video fail.

Tickets are only $100 -- contact Dan Venturi c/o JoAnn Osmond's legislative office. Better hurry, they are disappearing fast.

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Crazy4glf said...

Pawlenty is going to speak about the importance of not over-looking infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.), even if it is via federal funds. His tax cuts (motor fuel) may not have been good for his state.

He's also going to brag about a healthcare directory despite the fact that most Americans don't have much choice when it comes to their health insurance: either what their employer provides or what they can afford.

Cost-comparison websites, tort reform, and miniscule
'legislation' will not solve the healthcare problem which everyone, regardless of party, is experiencing (access, cost of acute care instead of primary care, cost of not preventing or treating illness early, and a less productive workforce).

Pre-emptive strike (how much did and does that cost, fiscal conservatives?): the Illinois healthcare cost directory is but a spoke in what many had hoped would be comprehensive healthcare reform and was not touted as the only answer or as proof the state is at the forefront of reform.

I wonder if Sanford set a precedent and Pawlenty will be the next family values individual to display untoward behavior (McKenna's use of GOP funds, Rubio's use of funds, and the list goes on).
Yes, Dem's aren't perfect but we didn't elect Bush; we've got that going for us. We also didn't rubber stamp his policies when 'leading.'