Thursday, October 29, 2009

Superannuated Firepower

Aiming to match the success that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had the past two elections, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has a program in place called Young Guns which it describes as ...
a Member driven organization of House Republicans dedicated to electing open seat and challenger candidates nationwide.
National Republican Congressional Committee
The program recently recruited more than 30 new candidates, 5 from Illinois, and 3 from the 10 Congressional District. The 3 should be familiar to loyal readers:

Young Guns
Elizabeth CoulsonRichard GreenRobert Dold
Age: 56Age: 55Age: 40

No, your LakeCountyEye is not making any of this up, satirewise. The name of the NRCC program is Young Guns. And the newest members include Coulson age 56, Green age 50, Dold age 40.

OK, this may not be as weird as it looks. The median age of FoxNews viewers is 63. Presumably this is the median age of the Republican Party these days. So within a demographic like that, someone aged 56 might pass as a Young Gun. It could happen. Dold, clocking in at a breezy 40 years, is the beardless youngster of the three and makes the most plausible Young Gun. Still, any way you look at it 40 years is middle age. Dold would've been born in 1969, five years after the tail end of the baby boom. The same baby boom now poised to bankrupt Social Security.

Just in case you may have forgotten, had John McCain won in 2008 he would've been the oldest US President. And you may have heard that there now is a war is being fought for the soul of the Republican Party. Well, you heard it here first, the civil war is officially over. The old fossils and geezers won the war. In the battle for its soul, the GOP has transformed itself into a Grand Old Party. Where the future is represented by fresh faced young guns like Elizabeth Coulson. Age 56.

Finally, a wink of the LakeCountyEye goes to TeamAmerica ...
NRCC Adds IL-10 Hopefuls Coulson, Dold and Green to its "Young Guns" Program
for breaking this story. Although upon first seeing it your LakeCountyEye admits thinking, c'mon someone's being punk'd here. But if The Hill ...
NRCC adds 32 to Young Guns program
(or for that matter the NRCC itself) can be believed, the story is legitimate. But be sure to check out TeamAmerica's version of the story, anyways, if only for the beefcake pix pinned up over there. Emilio, Kiefer, Lou Diamond, Charlie, Dermot -- as one hotshot young funnyman, Bob Hope, used to say: RRRROWL!


Crazy4glf said...

I know the Repubs are in favor of tort reform, though maybe they should have chosen a name other than 'Young Guns.' Wasn't there a movie or mini-series by the same name?
Is this their 'creativity' or is this what they were working on instead of a comparable healthcare reform bill to provide the people a true choice.

Of course, if they wanted to provide the people a true choice they wouldn't have slated Keyes or most of their current Gubernatorial candidates as well as a prominent Comptroller candidate who is so righteous she forgives politicially connected GOP'ers who owed the state money. Yes, please let's have Topinka as Comptroller! ):

Barney Baxter said...

Hi Crazy4glf,
Well in defense of the NRCC, this is about the NRCC which is a Hill Committee whose purpose is to get Republicans elected to the House. The DCCC's counterpart. Of course none of that changes the fact that naming their recruitment program Young Guns is just an invitation for Internet satirists to, erm, shoot fish in a barrel.