Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Eighth is Enough

It was reported here a while back that Joe Walsh is testing the waters.
A Fresh Face in the 8th Congressional District
Your LakeCountyEye has received e-mail confirmation that Walsh is no longer testing the waters, and will be a candidate for 8th Congressional District Congressman ...
"I am running because I've had enough!" said Mr. Walsh. "Like people all over the 8th Congressional District, I am ticked off at how much money our government is spending and how quickly government is growing."
Walsh's website can be visited at ...
His new campaign theme may be: Had Enough?

Coincidentally, the petition filing period for the Feb primary begins next Monday, Oct 26, and ends Nov 2. A Republican needs 654 signatures to be an 8th District candidate. Campaign staff will no doubt be looking closely at their opponent's petitions while asking the same question: "Had enough?"

Finally, your LakeCountyEye reckons there are now no less than four Republican candidates who want Melissa Bean's job. In no particular order, they are ...
  • Maria Rodriguez (R)
  • Joe Walsh (R)
  • Greg Jacobs (R)
  • John Dawson (R)
Test your political skills! Match the 8th District candidate with the photo.
Candidate ACandidate BCandidate CCandidate D
Correct answers to be posted next week.


Crazy4glf said...

He's decisive ):

Also, he thinks a lot of himself and/or is not pleased with the rest of the GOP field (who can blame him)?

Other than that I don't see a difference amongst the GOP candidates.

Don't look at my actions while I legislate or mandate yours, my faith is sufficient to legislate the nation, and when considering my stance on a deficit, pre-emptive strikes and tax cuts do not count in the 'official' tally.

LC Truth said...

During a recent Washington Post/ABC New Poll, the following was concluded:
"Only 20 percent of adults identify themselves as Republicans, little changed in recent months, but still the lowest single number in Post-ABC polls since 1983. Political independents continue to make up the largest group, at 42 percent of respondents; 33 percent call themselves Democrats"
Given that....only 20% of voters ID as Repubs. 13% more ID as Dems. That’s a huge gap. And if Dems pass health care reform with some key Repub votes, expect the gap to get bigger since Indys will view the legislation as bipartisan as was possible.

Barney Baxter said...

Hi Crazy4glf, good points.

This caught my eye on the website:

Walsh has now raised more campaign cash than any of the announced candidates in the race. According to Mr. Walsh, "Based on the rate the money is coming in, we’ll raise $100,000 by the end of October and we’re committed to raising $100,000-150,000 every month until the primary." The Walsh campaign expects to spend up to $500,000 to win the Republican primary

There's nothing reported to the FEC. Walsh may be bluffing. He'll need to make good on the promise if he expects to beat Rodriguez. She has name recognition + gender advantage. This makes up for her anemic fundraising numbers. Particularly when election day is just 3 months away.


Anonymous said...

If he has raised that much money, he could be in trouble. If you raise 5K, you have to file with the FEC, which he hasn't done according to their website.

Not to mention, this Walsh guy lives in the 10th district. Why doesn't he run there?

Barney Baxter said...

Walsh has neither filed with the FEC, nor prmary petitions. Monday 5pm is the deadline!