Monday, April 29, 2024

Must Disgust by Early May Orders from the DA

How many times has this happened to you? One of your good old boys, in a high elected office, says he is retiring. So you recruit a strong, sensible candidate for the office. Only to watch him lose in the Primary to a gung ho trumpster.
Whereupon, no surprise, the trumpster loses in the general election.
Well next time, don't work harder, work smarter. Get that office holder to run in the Primary, regardless, where he will be unopposed. It's only after he wins the Primary, that the office holder should announce his retirement. And then you caucus in a strong, sensible candidate for the office. SIKE!

In other news ...
Randi Freese announces run for McHenry County state’s attorney after Kenneally announces sudden withdrawal from race
McHenry County state’s attorney Patrick Kenneally announced his abrupt withdrawal from the ballot after winning the 2024 Republican Primary. Not long after that, assistant state’s attorney Randi Freese announced that with Kenneally's encouragement, she will be a candidate for his office.

The End.

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