Sunday, April 7, 2024


sunlight is the best disinfectant
Anyone driving down to see the eclipse might want to leave their Tesla in the garage. None of those solar charging stations will be of much use to you.

One solar facility in particular will be of no use to one Lake County community.  Hawthorn Woods residents successfully stopped a solar farm from going up in their backyards:
An application for a proposed commercial solar farm site along Fairfield Road in Hawthorn Woods has been withdrawn. The village's recent annexation of the property is being challenged in court.
Public hearing on proposed commercial solar facility near Hawthorn Woods canceled as village annexes property
When asked if the Waukegan Airport will annex the property, a spokesman said: "No. The last time we annexed a solar farm, the first electric jumbojet that went up ran out of batteries at 30,000 feet."

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