Monday, April 15, 2024

Evaporated Milk

Make It Go Away
HL Mencken, the Sage of Baltimore, once said "nobody ever went bankrupt selling ice cream to the American people":
Oberweis Dairy filed for bankruptcy protection on Friday. The North Aurora-based company, known for its ice cream and milk packaged in glass bottles, filed a voluntary petition for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protections in the Northern District of Illinois, court records show.
Oberweis Dairy files for bankruptcy protection with more than $4M owed: court filings
The dairy belongs to the family of perennial Republican candidate Jim Oberweis. Oberweis, who inherited the family business, was on the ballot in Lake County for Governor, US Senate, US Congress, on numerous occasions. Oberweis campaigned on anti-immigration, anti-abortion, and other far-right issues. Oberweis is now the owner of a bankrupt business and is not to be confused with perennial candidate and business-owner Donald J Trump.

Note to Ops: April 15 is tax day. Declaring bankruptcy does not get you out of having to file your Federal taxes.

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