Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Start Spreading the News

Your LakeCountyEye got the scoop: Lake County is being galvanized by the Lake County News Dispatch.

What is the Lake County News Dispatch? Nothing less than Lake County's newest source of news:
Lake County News Dispatch
And who is the Lake County News Dispatch?
We are dedicated to aggregating news from local sources for you, as well as adding some of our own reporting on key topics of interest regarding Lake County Illinois.
About Lake County News Dispatch
The Lake County News Dispatch has the news and plenty of it. What more could you ask from your news source?

OK, it goes without saying that the Daily Herald may be Lake County's newspaper of record. But if their motto is "to fear God, tell the truth and make money", the Daily Herald has nothing on the Lake County News Dispatch.

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Anonymous said...

Nobody wraps a fish like the Daily Herald.