Saturday, February 5, 2022

Gainsaying the Lede

Policy Wonk
Lake County is in the 11th Congressional District. Who knew? Lake County's newspaper of record, the Daily Herald knew.

The Herald looked at who is raising money in the 11th and how much.

Incumbent Congressman Bill Foster's ...
fundraising total for the final quarter of 2021 vastly exceeded any of his Republican challengers' efforts
Foster's closest competitor is Catalina Lauf.
The nearly $4.3 million Foster had in his political war chest at the end of the year dwarfed Lauf's $255,976 reserves
For 2021, Foster and Lauf raised roughly the same amount of money:
although both candidates have raised more than $1 million so far this election cycle, Lauf's total receipts were slightly ahead of Foster's as of Dec. 31
Given these numbers, naturally the headline of the Daily Herald story is:
1 GOP challenger outraising Foster in 11th District race
Bait-and-switch or just clickbait? One thing is known, your LakeCountyEye checked the archives and found these memorable headlines from past Daily Herald stories:
  • Cleveland Hall-of-Famer Jim Thome Throws Ceremonial First Pitch in Game 7 of Cubs World Series
  • Hindenburg Arrives Right on Schedule
  • We Ask Mrs Lincoln: "How Did You Like the Play?"
Next week: "The Headline Writer Deserves a Big Raise"

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