Saturday, May 2, 2020

Dead Reckoning

Charity begins at home.
Is it a coincidence that those who do not believe in Evolution and natural selection are likely to be those out protesting against stay-at-home directives?  And ignoring guidelines on social distancing and personal protection?

Your LakeCountyEye does not think so:
"Give me liberty or give me COVID-19," "F--- your face masks," and "Ban vaccines" were some of the slogans written on the hundreds of homemade signs and flags that dotted the rally.
Reopen Illinois rally draws hundreds to Loop, Springfield
Luckily, tone-deaf Lake County State Senator Dan McConchie has a plan that will fix things:
Illinois should start to ease back on some of the more aggressive social distancing measures as soon as the Illinois Hospital Association projects that ICU bed capacity is sufficient to respond to the projected levels of COVID-19 admissions.
Plan by eight Senate Republicans is a bit on the ghoulish side
McConchie's proposal basically balances the number of ICU beds available for grandma against the number of vape shops and gun ranges that can stay open.

A win-win for everyone.

Sort of.

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