Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Hidden Agenda

Note to Ops: If you can't repeal ObamaCare, then go to Plan B -- repeal all social guidelines and let the Coronavirus spread instead.

HaHa, hands-off State Senator Dan McConchie took some jeers when he advocated opening the state back up at the expense of new COVID-19 infections:
Plan by eight Senate Republicans is a bit on the ghoulish side
Quicker than you can sneeze, McConchie is back and now is saying the Governor's emergency powers need to be clipped:

Limit Governors’ Emergency Powers
If you can't read the proposal above, that's because it was published by the Wall Street Journal.  Where it sits behind a pay-wall.  And no one can read it.

McConchie has apparently learned a valuable lesson.  If it's not on the Internet it doesn't exist.

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Anonymous said...

Please. The only thing that needs restraining is the psychokiller in the White House. His new mouthpiece yesterday ridiculed anyone who suggested daily testing was needed for all before a reopening. She mocked everyone. “Nonsensical”, she said. One day later our false leader himself proclaims to the press everyone in the White House is to be tested daily, effective immediately. Nobody else, just the phony brave within his circles.

Restrain the lying selfserving killers and those who enable them.