Saturday, July 6, 2019


Lake County authorities say it is now OK to leave your homes. Just don't breathe the air.

Haha, according to the Patch:
Lake County Sheriff's Office said 75 gallons of a pesticide spilled onto the ground in North Barrington Tuesday after a mosquito abatement company vehicle hauling the liquid crashed into a tree. The sheriff's office said a preliminary investigation shows an Alsip man driving the company's 2007 Ford truck left the road and crashed after he fell asleep while driving.
Truck Crash Causes Pesticide Spill In North Barrington
Make no mistake, 75 gallons of liquid insecticides is a turd in anybody's punchbowl.  And while your LakeCountyEye tried to contact the at-fault mosquito abatement company for some answers, it turns out that no one knows who it is.

Not the Sun-Times ...
The truck was carrying pesticides for a mosquito abatement company
Truck driver crashes, spills pesticide in North Barrington
And not WBBM ...
The mosquito abatement company contacted an environmental service to clean up the spill.
Truck Driver Crashes, Spills Pesticide In North Barrington
And not the Daily Herald ...
A 27-year-old Alsip man employed by a mosquito-abatement company fell asleep while driving a company truck
No threat to public after crash leads to chemical spill in North Barrington
Does anyone have any idea who this unidentified "mosquito abatement company" could be?

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Special interests front and center.