Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hard to Swallow

Kitteh Endorsed
Be thankful that you weren't a fly on the wall in Lake County when that mosquito abatement truck crashed into a tree. Because if you were a fly on the wall where 75 gallons of insecticides spilled, you would be dead:
Lake County Sheriff's Office said 75 gallons of a pesticide spilled onto the ground in North Barrington Tuesday after a mosquito abatement company vehicle hauling the liquid crashed into a tree. The sheriff's office said a preliminary investigation shows an Alsip man driving the company's 2007 Ford truck left the road and crashed after he fell asleep while driving.
Truck Crash Causes Pesticide Spill In North Barrington
Informed sources say that unnamed "mosquito abatement company" is: Clarke

Clarke is an extermination company.  Don't bother looking for Clarke's Wikipedia page, there isn't one.

If Clarke has e-mail, your LakeCountyEye couldn't find any. They do list phone numbers:
  • Phone
  • International Phone
  • Fax
Their only web presence is a corporate website:
Doing the Right Thing, Even When It's Hard
Honesty and integrity drive our everyday actions and are reflected in our common belief to do what's best for our industry, and the people and communities we serve.

Aquatic & Mosquito Control Services & Products | Clarke
Some questions for Clarke, when you call:
  • Why was a guy from Alsip driving around a Lake County community?

  • Why was he driving a 12 year old Ford pickup around a Lake County community?

  • Why was he driving while asleep around a Lake County community?

  • Why did he drive into a Lake County tree?

  • Why did he drive into a Lake County tree and dump 75 gallons of insecticides?

Do the right thing even when it's hard?

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