Sunday, November 20, 2016

Too Taxing?

Voters typically aren't given the opportunity on election day to vote for free beer. But some Lake County residents were asked to vote for nearly the same thing:
Advisory referendum questions in Wauconda and Fox River Grove asked residents if they'd prefer to vote on the matter whenever a taxing body wishes to increase property taxes by any amount. The measures, backed by the conservative, anti-tax advocacy group Americans for Prosperity, passed overwhelmingly: 90 percent of Wauconda voters approved it and 91 percent of Fox River Grove voters did the same.
Anti-tax advisory measures pass overwhelmingly in Wauconda, Fox River Grove
Pollsters are baffled that a whopping 10% of the electorate would vote against lower taxes.

As luck would have it, your LakeCountyEye conducted an exit poll, and those 10% of the voters responded ...

Is this a Trick Question?
Note to Ops: The 2017 consolidated election will be here sooner than you think! The last day to file your advisory ballot referendum question is January 3 2017 ...
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