Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Non-Profit Motive

The word on the street is that only Trump University graduates are eligible for jobs in the new Trump administration. And it shouldn't be a surprise that the UPS delivered to the LakeCountyEye doorstep a Trump U baccalaureate degree in real estate development ($1,695 USD) -- good for one (1) executive branch deputy assistant undersecretary position, location TBD.

Until then, Operatives will have to make do with a few of the Donald J Trump closely held secrets on how to make a billion with real estate in your spare time.

The first world-class trade secret your LakeCountyEye learned at Trump U is: Never Pay Taxes. The trick is to file for non-profit status -- charities do not pay real estate tax. And you don't have to set up a sophisticated money laundering operation like the Trump Foundation, either.

For instance, one local not-for-profit pays no taxes on these two properties:

Treasurer's Bill: Lake County, IL

Treasurer's Bill: Lake County, IL
It's perfectly legal. All you need to do is file the necessary paperwork ...

Illinois Secretary of State -- CORPORATION/LLC SEARCH RESULTS
And you don't even have to be a current non-profit to realize those gains!

Illinois Secretary of State -- CORPORATION/LLC SEARCH RESULTS
Next Week ...

Formula OPM: The Donald J Trump classified secrets to real estate with zero dollars down!

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