Monday, November 28, 2016

Land of the Free

Lake County is being sued in Federal Court, and not by Donald Trump this time. The County has been sued by its Township Assessors and property owners, who want to roll back the 2016 assessment, according to the Daily Herald:
Assessors sue Lake County over property-value feud
Now, as readers of this blog are certainly aware ...
Comparison Shopping
You don't have to go to court to get your property values lowered. The smart way is to file for non-profit status.

For instance, this non-profit pays no taxes on this property ...

Treasurer's Bill: Lake County, IL
That's because non-profits are exempt from property taxes ...

Illinois Secretary of State -- CORPORATION/LLC SEARCH RESULTS
And as a bonus, you don't even have to be a current non-profit to realize those gains!

Illinois Secretary of State -- CORPORATION/LLC SEARCH RESULTS
Note to Ops: Charity begins at home. Nuff Said!


Anonymous said...

Every year these public officials commit tax fraud. Every year.

The Assessor Office in Grant Township has for decades conspired with other local officials and association officers to commit tax fraud. Officers within the Wooster Lake Conservation and Control Association, Eastshore Improvement Association of Wooster Lake, Tanneron Bay, Holiday Park, and the Wooster Lake Improvement Association are amongst the plunderers.

The Wooster Lake Improvement Association had board members at one time, one of which included Bonnie Thomson Carter, now-lame duck Lake County Board Member in District 5, Grant Township. Google her name and you'll see some of her affiliations with these associations.

All the associations and developments around Wooster Lake should be investigated and where evidence of fraud exists, OFFICERS OF THESE ORGANIZATIONS NEED TO BE PROSECUTED.

Anonymous said...

That part of the county is controlled by the GOP...Grand Ol Perpetrators. It is the most classic example of the good ol boy systems. While everyone screams about their property taxes, no one can hear them because you can't hear screams from heads buried in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Lawless western Lake County. Must be nice to be GOP political scum protected by a GOP State's Attorney.