Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Louis

The voters sent a message to the Lake County GOP, soundly rejecting establishment candidates backed by Party insiders. Your LakeCountyEye, of course, refers to the stunning defeat of Louis Atsaves for the post of Moraine 203 Committeeman. The soon to be ex-Moraine Township GOP Chair, Atsaves was defeated by one Margaret "Peggy" Siebert -- of whom your LakeCountyEye has never heard:

Lake County -- Election Results
The numbers were not close, but your LakeCountyEye sill expects to see a petition for a recount. One Party insider predicted it would possible to make up a 100-plus vote deficit, "provided they have a stack of absentee ballots salted away somewhere in some Post Office".

Another Party insider was less sanguine. He told your LakeCountyEye that sometimes they are not booing -- they are actually chanting LOUIS LOUIS. But in this situation however the Moraine voters were in fact booing.

Despite the unexpected loss, your LakeCountyEye has no doubt that Party insider Louis Atsaves will land on his feet. Atsaves's wife was appointed by Governor Rauner to a Commission that compensates its members at nearly $120,000/year:
Clout of Commissions
With the unexpected freetime available, perhaps Mr Atsaves will take the opportunity to reanimate his blog Common Sense in Illinois' 10th, which like Ted Williams's head is currently preserved under cryogenic suspension. One Party insider observed that Ted Williams's lifetime batting average -- .344 -- would have been good for a solid second-place finish in Moraine 203.

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