Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cancel My Subscription to the General Election

If it's on the Internet, it must be true. March Madness has arrived, and your LakeCountyEye is two for two. In the wake of the March Madness March 15 Primary, your LakeCountyEye predicted that State Senator Dan Duffy would resign early, and then predicted he would be replaced by Dan McConchie:
Take this Job and Duff It
McConchie, a right-to-life lobbyist who fought a close primary battle, will be the GOP candidate in the November election for Duffy's Senate seat. Now the Daily Herald says McConchie will be picked to serve out the remainder of Duffy's term in the State Senate:
Lake County Republican Chairman Mike Amrozowicz said picking McConchie in this case is a "no-brainer" because voters have already spoken.
McConchie likely to start state Senate term early
If the voters have spoken, however, it is not 100% clear what they said -- especially in McHenry County, where the primary election was botched. One party official spoke candidly to the Northwest Herald ...
"It was the worst-managed election I have ever experienced living in McHenry County, and it's been 20 years. ... I don't know why anybody would trust the results of the election yesterday."
McHenry County primary election: 'Worst-managed' in decades or isolated problems?
Your LakeCountyEye observes that the Daily Herald trusts those results, implicitly. And moreover, with zero percent of the precincts reporting, the Daily Herald has already called the November election in McConchie's favor:
McConchie likely to start state Senate term early
One McHenry County spokesman told your LakeCountyEye: "If Mr McConchie wants to start his 2017 Senate term early, that's fine with us. And if that means canceling the November, 2016 election, that's fine with us as well."

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