Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Hastert Highway

the original lolcat Governor Bruce Rauner, this week, killed the downstate Illiana Expressway. Opponents were able to scuttle the project, your LakeCountyEye has learned, by renaming the ill-fated tollway to the Dennis Hastert Memorial Highway.

Haha, in related news, the Governor appointed a bunch of suburban guys to the Toll Authority ...
Schillerstrom: Route 53 expansion could do great things for Lake County
It is not known whether or not the Governor appointed Individual A to the Toll Authority:
Who is 'Individual A'?
The person Hastert is said to have paid hasn't been identified, and is referred to in the indictment only as "Individual A."

Key questions about Dennis Hastert's scandalous indictment
One source did tell your LakeCountyEye: "Do the math. With weekly payments in $10,000 increments, we'll be able to pay off the Route 53 Extension in less than 6,000 years!"

That's all your LakeCountyEye has. And you can take that to the bank.

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Anonymous said...

The article would have been better titled "Highway to Hell with Hastert at the Helm".

This has Republican stink all over it. Boehner reported Foley's abuse of pages in 2006, not to law enforcement but to Hastert. According to Boehner's testimony, Hastert responded with "It has been taken care of." And Boehner just accepted that response while nothing was done by Hastert. The Ethics Committee's report summed up "In all, a pattern of conduct was exhibited among many individuals to remain willfully ignorant of the potential consequences."

It took the efforts of many in power to conceal this abusive, criminal activity for this long.