Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hastert Highway Revisited

He's back and he's broke. Dennis "I'm Broke & Back" Hastert was in the news again, this time pleading not guilty to Federal banking charges -- charges (as incorrectly reported on this blog) totally unrelated to check kiting.

If Hastert did have a wad of hush money salted away in a secret bank account, the $3,500,000 must have evaporated -- because the former Yorkville wrestling coach had to bum a ride to his arraignment in a borrowed Lincoln:
Hastert's long-awaited day in court began about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, when he was spotted by reporters leaving his sprawling estate in far west suburban Plano in the hired black Lincoln.
Dennis Hastert pleads not guilty amid claims of hush money, lying to FBI
Rumors of Hastert's wealth, your LakeCountyEye has learned, are greatly exaggerated. Any doubts of Hastert's beggary will be immediately dispelled by the News-Sun, which revealed that Hastert, in fact, drives an old used car:

A classic car once owned by former House Speaker Dennis Hastert will be removed Friday from an I-90 tollway oasis display between Rockford and Marengo.
Auto museum to remove Dennis Hastert car from tollway display
The story goes on to say that Hastert's buggy is now in the hands of the repo man. You can help Hastert out of these hard times by donating to the Dennis Hastert Legal Defense Fund. Please limit donations to $10,000, in small denomination bills.

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