Monday, June 22, 2015


Ich bin ein Gipper With the Illinois legislative session nearly over, and with the people's work done, most legislators will be heading home to lower expectations. According to the Daily Herald, however, one suburban legislator wants to lower a flag as well ...
Illinois lawmakers entered the debate over the Confederate flag when a suburban Republican Monday formally called for South Carolina leaders to remove it from that state's Capitol grounds. State Rep. David McSweeney, a Barrington Hills Republican, filed a resolution in Springfield that wouldn't carry legal weight but was intended to convey lawmakers' opinion.
Suburban Republican: South Carolina should take down Confederate flag
What is Representative McSweeney's next challenge, if he is successful in getting the Confederate flag removed from the South Carolina state Capitol? Your LakeCountyEye has learned there is already a bill in committee to lower the Sky Trek Tower at Six Flags Great America:
Riders were stuck on the "Sky Trek Tower" ride for more than two hours Sunday at Six Flags Great America in north suburban Gurnee. Passengers told NBC Chicago they had made it to the top of the nearly 30-story ride when it got stuck.
Riders Stuck on Six Flags' "Sky Trek Tower" for More Than 2 Hours
No word yet on whether there will be a bill to turnaround recall Governor Rauner. Your LakeCountyEye will keep you apprised when further developments warrant.

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