Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Reading the Tea Party Leaves

Fresh off his surprise come-from-behind victory over a more moderate, establishment Primary opponent, Ed Sullivan is publicly flaunting his Tea Party bona fides. As readers of this blog are hardly aware ...
The Library of Congress Pkwy?
the 51st District Representative is openly against spending any public funds on the Barack Obama Presidential Library. This despite the fact that a Sullivan family member is a librarian at the Fremont Public Library. At the risk of redundancy -- public libraries are, like their names imply, publicly funded.

Sullivan had originally voted in favor of funding the Presidential Library. This despite the fact that he was absent from the House committee meeting where the vote was cast. Ghost voting may be rare in Lake County, but not in Springfield!

As luck would have it, Sullivan will get another opportunity to vote, this time, against the Obama Presidential Library. According to the Sun-Times ...
Because of a controversy, an Illinois House committee will revote on April 30 a proposal to appropriate $100 million in state funds to help finance the construction of President Barack Obama's presidential library and museum in Chicago. "Some of our Republican friends decided to demonstrate their Tea Party gene because the word Obama was mentioned," said Steve Brown, spokesman for House Speaker Michael Madigan D-Chicago.
Do-over April 30 on Obama presidential library $100 million vote
In related news, scientists recently announced that they have sequenced the Tea Party gene:
It is unknown whether the Barack Obama Presidential Library will have a section for children's books.


Anonymous said...

Madigan's spokesman makes it clear he has no issue whatsoever with legislative ghost voting, just as long as the tyrant gets what he wants.

Barney Baxter said...

hi Anon,

That's pretty spooky.