Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool

Cal Skinner Jr
It never ceases to surprise your LakeCountyEye that the MSM ignores the founder of the McHenry County College, a non-religious, secular community college and workplace for hundreds of public sector employees paid for at taxpayer expense.

It was founded by Cal Skinner Jr's father, Cal Skinner Sr.

In 1943 the Illinois General Assembly enacted legislation to allow referenda to establish tax rates for both education and building funds to support junior college operations. With the passage of a referendum in 1967, the McHenry County College was the 28th community college established in Illinois.

Cal Skinner Sr, not known to be a progressive, almost derailed the Regional Transportation Authority in 1974. Nevertheless he spearheaded the successful campaign to create a community college in McHenry County, and all at the public's expense.

It is difficult to comprehend how Skinner would could possibly have thought that it would be a good idea to establishment a big-government entity that would some day command a $50 million annual operating budget.

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Mr. Cal Skinner addressed the Board. He asked why the management letter was not posted on the website with the meeting agenda. Mr. Parrish stated that the management letter is not public, after which Mr. Skinner expressed his displeasure.
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