Monday, April 7, 2014

I Photoshopped the Sheriff

Overheard at a Lake County 'L' Stop:
Commuter #1: Do you have any derogatory photos of Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran?
Commuter #2: Certainly not!
Commuter #1: Do you want to buy some?
police mugshot Haha, operatives seeking more jokes at the expense of the Lake County Sheriff's Department need look no further than the Lake County Sheriff's Department. Or, for that matter, the Chicago Tribune:
A hearing to determine whether a Lake County sheriff's lieutenant will keep his job has provided an unfiltered glimpse into the police agency, which some employees described as a hostile workplace sullied by political infighting, preferential treatment and a crude frat-boy culture.
Lewd jokes part of job, Lake County deputy says
A recent Lake County Sheriff's Department internal investigation -- one that uncovered doctored images of Sheriff Mark Curran -- spilled over into the public airwaves with predictable results. The Chicago Tribune broke the front-page story Monday morning, with the News-Sun & the Daily Herald scrambling to catch up. By Monday afternoon the News-Sun had published its version:
A Lake County Merit Commission hearing concerning the Lake County Sheriff's Office attempt to fire a lieutenant revealed that lewd pictures and jokes were passed around through emails along with derogatory names for supervisors, but the lieutenant maintained it was common practice for years.
Deputy says crude comments were a 'stress reliever'
Your LakeCountyEye is still waiting for the Daily Herald to weigh in. It is unknown if any of the Lake County political blogs will take notice. Your LakeCountyEye will keep you apprised as the situation warrants.

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