Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Now that medical marijuana is legal in Illinois, it's no secret that your LakeCountyEye likes nothing better than to stay up all night & watch the Illinois Tollway traffic cameras:
Illinois Virtual Tollway
The Illinois Tollway website has real-time video feeds from cameras mounted at Chicago's busiest highways. Affectionately dubbed the Poor Man's NASCAR -- netizens can monitor the traffic conditions of their favorite area roads and, if lucky, witness some spectacular pile-ups.

The Tollway website currently provides video feeds at 15 different locations. That number might increase to 16, some time soon. The Daily Herald is saying that ...
The Route 14 underpass project designed to ease traffic along the CN Railway was approved by the Barrington village trustees Monday night.
Barrington approves Route 14 underpass project
Smart money says the State of Illinois wlll proceed with a monster 3-year project to build a railroad bridge over Route 14 in Barrington, to accommodate the distended & slug-like trains of the CN Railway. And your LakeCountyEye has exclusively learned that there will be Tollway cameras at the new Route 14 underpass.

It's no secret that there is one thing your LakeCountyEye likes better than to monitor Tollway traffic cameras: And that is to monitor CN Railroad trains on those Tollway traffic cameras. As luck would have it, your LakeCountyEye has hacked been granted exclusive access to the real-time feed from the Tollway camera mounted on US Route 14, at the location of the new CN railway underpass in Barrington:

The way to really fly!

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