Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fremont Township GOP Committeemen
are Revolting

too close for comfortOn a scale of 1 to 10 it is not quite an uprising in Ukraine -- but the uprising among the Republican Committeemen of Fremont Township comes pretty close. The Daily Herald reports that ...
Longtime Fremont Township Assessor Ed Sullivan Jr. won't have the support of the township's Republican "foot soldiers" in his primary campaign to keep his state representative job.
Fremont Township GOP sides with challenger to veteran state legislator Ed Sullivan Jr.
Ed Sullivan Jr, the incumbent District 51 State Rep, could always rely on the support of his committeemen, in the past. It was a gimme -- Sullivan is also the Fremont Township Assessor. But that was back in the day. Haha, on Saturday those same committeemen voted to endorse Sullivan's opponent, Bob Bednar, to be their next Rep in 51.

Sullivan may have evolved into a legislator too liberal for the likings of his Republican brethren. Or it may be that Bob Bednar has rekindled the same magic that Joe Walsh had going, when he lit a fire in Lake County back in 2010.

Your LakeCountyEye notes that Bednar, as well as Sullivan's father, are Fremont Township Committeemen. This may or may not explain why Sullivan is now distancing himself from those same committeemen. He told the Daily Herald ...
"The majority of committeemen in Fremont Township represent the ultimate fringe of the Republican Party," Sullivan said Wednesday.
Fremont Township GOP sides with challenger to veteran state legislator Ed Sullivan Jr.
Your LakeCountyEye drove out to the ultimate fringe and found a putative Fremont Committeeman willing to speak on condition that he would not talk about gay marriage -- of which their surprise endorsement was totally not about. "Sullivan is a donkey in elephant's clothing." he said. "And I have the proof. When Sullivan was redistricted in 2010, he got put into a district that has 90% Republican voters. Why would [Illinois House Speaker Michael] Madigan give him a sweetheart gift like that, if he didn't want Sullivan in Springfield for another ten years?"

A question as difficult as it is hard. But your LakeCountyEye does know one thing. Do not sell your Sullivan stock short. And after the March 18 Primary expect a big broom to sweep through Fremont Township. And it won't be the Merry Maids.

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