Saturday, September 7, 2013

Stand Your Playground

Big changes are on tap for Lake County.  According to the Daily Herald ...
People wouldn't be allowed to smoke at any of the Lake County Forest Preserve District's nine playgrounds under a proposal before the forest board. The new rule would be enacted immediately if it is approved by commissioners when they meet Tuesday morning in Waukegan. Smoking at other forest district sites still would be allowed.
Lake County proposal would ban smoking at forest playgrounds
Your LakeCountyEye presumes the smoking ban is intended to target not only the children but their parents as well. That seems only fair.

Operatives unsure how to comport themselves while on Forest Preserve property may consult the
Lake County Forest Preserve District
Ordinance Governing the General Use of District Property
for guidance. Did you know that yardsigns are not permitted on Forest Preserve land?  Your LakeCountyEye did not know that!

The informed sources have misinformed your LakeCountyEye that the Lake County Board (or certain members thereof) would prefer to run their County the same way that Mayor Michael Bloomberg runs his New York City.  Bloomberg, operatives will recall, is notorious for banning cigarettes, trans-fats, styrofoam cups, 32-ounce sodas, etc., within New York city limits.

Your LakeCountyEye has learned that cigarettes are only at the top of a long list of activities and substances that the Lake County Board wants to eliminate from its Forest Preserves. Here are 10 more:
More Stuff that May be Banned in the Lake County Forest Preserves
A List of Ten
  1. Video Poker Machines
  2. Medicinal Marijuana Gardening
  3. Twerking
  4. Freerange Billy Goats
  5. Cheap Beer
  6. AR-15 Assault Weapon Trap & Skeet Shooting
  7. Route 53 Extension High-Speed Exit Ramps
  8. Red Light Cameras
  9. Mopery with Intent to Gawk
  10. The Lake County Election Commission*
*Countywide Ban
Look for your LakeCountyEye, poundin' a coffin nail near you.

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