Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pay to Display

Live-blogging from the waiting room of the Lake County General Hospital, your LakeCountyEye is recuperating from injuries sustained on the shooting range 4th of July. There is not much in the way of reading material here, save some old editions of the Daily Herald. For operatives not acquainted with Lake County's Newspaper of Record, its masthead is reproduced below:

Daily Herald
One Daily Herald news item caught your LakeCountyEye's attention:
If you'd like to brush up on your technology skills, how about signing up for a free class on navigating the Internet? The Daily Herald is partnering with the Microsoft store at Woodfield Mall to offer seven-day subscribers instruction on Skype, Facebook, Outlook and other topics.
Don't get left behind
Every Monday for the remainder of the summer, the Daily Herald is offering some free Internet workshops. The course schedule is reproduced here:

Untangle the Web
  • All About Apps
  • Outlook Email
  • Saving and sharing files and photos
  • Facebook
  • Online security, privacy and safety
  • Skyping made simple
Your LakeCountyEye is always eager to brush up on the technology skills, particularly when it comes to navigating the Internet. The Daily Herald workshops, however, do not seem to include a course on how to beat an Internet paywall.

Maybe that one is sold-out already.

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