Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fair Game

The MOST TRUSTED face in RVing The Sun, like a heat lamp gone ape, beat down upon the streets and fields of Lake County all week. And whenever it's hot enough to fry on the sidewalk a deep-fried Cheeto, expect to see your LakeCountyEye cozy with the ice-chest, in the beer tent, at the Lake County Fair.

Luckily for all parties involved, the Lake County Fair is scheduled for this week:
Wednesday 7/24: 10am - 10pm
Thursday 7/25: 10am - 10pm
Friday 7/26: 10am - 11pm
Saturday 7/27: 10am - 11pm
Sunday 7/28: 10am - 9pm

Lake County Fair
For those ops who think there is nothing nearly as boring as reading a blog about Lake County politics, just try hanging out at a County Fair some afternoon.  Luckily there is an exciting scavenger hunt coming-up at this County Fair ...
The Lake County Fair is giving residents the opportunity to submit ideas of items to be sealed into a time capsule and buried in the Lake County Fairgrounds. The time capsule will be dug up in 15 years on the fair's 100th anniversary.
LC Fair looking for items to bury in time capsule
The organizers told the Lake County Journal they are are on the lookout for some creative submissions ...
"We're really hoping for out-of-the-box ideas"
LC Fair looking for items to bury in time capsule
Well, if that isn't a segue for another moth-eaten LakeCountyEye Top Ten List, then what is? Your LakeCountyEye has already scrounged together 10 objet d'arts to donate to the Lake County Fair:
Ten Out-of-the-Box Items
Seen in the Lake County Fair Time Capsule
  1. AR-15 Assault Rifle
  2. Hubcap Found in the Breakdown Lane of the Route 53 Extension
  3. The Fake Stevenson Letter
  4. Girls Gone Wild on Blarney Island
    Now on HD VHS!
  5. Lake County Election Commission Absentee Ballot
  6. Cacklefruit
    (Courtesy the Mundelein Free-Range Chickens)
  7. The Island Lake Village Robo-Dialer
  8. A Pair of Waukegan Casino Loaded Dice
  9. Mark Curran for Attorney General Yardsign
  10. Another Moth-Eaten LakeCountyEye Internet Top 10 List
Look for your LakeCountyEye eyeing that corndog near you.

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