Monday, July 15, 2013

A General Occasion

If the shoe fits, wear it.That giant sucking sound you heard were the Republican candidates for Illinois Attorney General all heading for the nearest exit. Lisa Madigan announced today that she will seek re-election as Attorney General. According to the Daily Herald ...
Attorney General Lisa Madigan says she'll seek another term instead of running for Illinois governor next year. In a Monday statement, the Chicago Democrat says she's been considering the decision for months but that she enjoys her current job.
Lisa Madigan won’t run for governor
Lisa Madigan last appeared in this blog when Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran announced he would not run for Sheriff but would run for Attorney General instead -- and then changed his mind, yet again, announcing he would not run for Attorney General, after all:
As it seemed then -- back in the day -- GOP Party bosses did not want to see Curran's name on the ballot for Attorney General, if it was an open seat and winnable by a strong candidate.  Your LakeCountyEye took this as an unambiguous signal that Lisa Madigan would run for Governor.

Haha -- hindsight is 20/20.

Your LakeCountyEye takes these new developments as an unambiguous signal that Mark Curran will change his mind yet again and announce that he will run for Attorney General, after all.

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