Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Route 53 Extended Warranty

No one loves an Internet widget more than your LakeCountyEye. And the News-Sun delivered today, with this story:
Lake County commuters now have a chance to see how bad traffic is on the tollway before they even leave home. The Illinois Tollway on Tuesday announced expanded public access to traffic images by adding feeds from 15 traffic camera locations to its Website,
Tollway cams give drivers view of traffic conditions
Your LakeCountyEye can confirm that the Illinois Tollway has a website with some real-time feeds from its roadside spycams. Ops tasked with hustling up some GOTV primary votes can go to the Illinois Tollway's webpage at ...
Illinois Virtual Tollway
First click the Traffic Cameras button. Then click one of the camera icons on the Illinois Tollway Virtual Map to see real-time pictures of the local traffic conditions.

OK, this all sounds pretty much about as complicated as it actually is. What say your LakeCountyEye just embeds the camera feed from the Route 53 Extension? Right here ...
Those ops who need to know what the traffic on the Route 53 Extension looks like can now visit this blog for a quick looksee. If things look real bad, take your LakeCountyEye's advice and stay at home for some call-banking instead!

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