Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Reverse Spin of Fortune

Even though the 2014 election will not occur until another year or two from now -- in 2014 -- operatives who are polishing their resumes want to know the names of the early favorites and losers. Your LakeCountyEye always advises to first look for that telltale sign that your candidate is doomed to failure. One clear indicator is the candidate with a campaign strategy that boils down to one word: facebook. A campaign that plans to win by leveraging a presence on social media is both broke and desperate.

So, if there had been any doubt that Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran has ambitions for state-wide office (possibly Attorney General) in 2014, the Daily Herald reported that the Lake County Sheriff's Office now has a facebook page:
The sheriff's office also utilizes Twitter and the government website, which will be revamped within the next few months.
Lake County Sheriff's Office on Facebook
Disclaimer: having been banned for life by facebook and Twitter (on unsubstantiated allegations of mopery with intent to gawk), your LakeCountyEye has not actually had an opportunity to eyeball the Sheriff's new social media pages. Your LakeCountyEye however is still able to look up Curran's D-2 Reports, the latest of which shows a $2500 expenditure to Reverse Spin LLC. Along with a similar expenditure in September, the Friends of Mark Curran have given the Wheaton consultants some $5000:

SBE Expenditure List
Reverse Spin would appear to be a PR firm specializing in damage control:
When your reputation or the reputation of your corporation, organization or political group is threatened by overwhelming force, you need game changers. You need determined experts who specialize in reversing conventional wisdom or unfavorable "spin."
What is Reverse Spin?
It is unclear why Curran would would need $5000 (and counting) worth of damage control services for his next election campaign. It would appear however that Reverse Spin also does social media. The firm ...
■ Integrates social media and video services into any type of public effort.
Versatile performers
Perhaps Curran has hired Reverse Spin just to manage his facebook page and post tweets for him on Twitter?

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