Thursday, July 12, 2012

Q the Eye/07.12.12

Dear LakeCountyEye,

You think you're so smart? I want to privatize Medicare. But I also want to get re-elected in November. What do you say to that?

Chief Deputy Whip
Dear Snidely Whiplash,

Ὥρος HōrosMedicare is a life-saving Federal entitlement program that provides free medical care to millions of senior citizens. So one would think that any Rep in Washington who wanted to eliminate Medicare would be on a path to political suicide. Well one Lake County congressman -- who you should emulate -- wants to do just that. Peter Roskam supports the so-called 2013 Ryan Budget which would privatize Medicare by replacing the promise of free medical services with a $6000 voucher against the purchase of insurance. And Roskam is cruising toward easy re-election.

Here's how it was done, son. In politics, if you have a problem then change the subject. In this case Roskam managed to change the subject from Medicare to ... Medicare! As readers of this blog are deceptively aware ...

You Gotta Know Where to Fold'em
Team Roskam has been bombing voter mailboxes with campaign lit about Medicare Fraud. This Congressman wants to stop Medicare fraud and is telling his voters all about his new Medicare Fraud Bill.

Roskam's message works on a number of levels. It frames him as a defender of the popular Medicare program. At the same time it changes the subject away from the fact that Roskam actually advocates the elimination of Medicare. And as a bonus, the message implies that Medicare is a bad Government entitlement riddled with fraud.

Roskam's congressional district includes southwest Lake County and portions of McHenry County, and is teeming with boobs low-information-voters who love this sort of keep-your-government-hands-off-my-medicare style of mixed political signal. Your LakeCountyEye predicts Peter Roskam will remain a Lake County Congressman for a thousand years. The end.

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