Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fair Enough!

Haha it's a good thing they decided to build that Route 45 bypass through a residential neighborhood -- and not through that Old Mill Creek cornfield. That's because the Lake County Fair is shrinking faster than Lake County farmland. The fair schedule, this year, has been abbreviated down to a scant five days.

Perhaps one more sign they can't compete with the Internet, organizers are trying to jazz up the fair this year, perhaps to attract a younger crowd. Or simply paying customers. According to the Daily Herald ...
Although it's just one wacky attraction amid five days of livestock showings, craft and food competitions, truck and tractor pulls, motocross, live music, food on sticks and carnival rides, sasquatch calling in a sense represents a new way of doing business for fair officials.
Lake County Fair adds a dose of wackiness
Your LakeCountyEye cautions that calling sasquatch is different than calling pigs or geese. If a sasquatch shows up you are obligated to entertain and feed him, at least through the evening. Anyhow, the Lake County Fair is Wednesday July 25 through Sunday July 29. Here's ten of what you're missing if you don't attend:

Ten New Wacky Attractions at the 2012 Lake County Fair
  1. Guess that Confection
  2. Guess that Tribute Band
  3. Noon-Hour Outdoor Ice Sculpture Speed Trials
  4. Groin Pulls
  5. Animal Mineral or Vegetable?™ Genetically Altered Livestock Competition
  6. Olympic Portapotty Queue
  7. Deep Fried Asian Carp Eating Contest
  8. All-You-Can-Ride Lake County Roundabout
  9. 4-H FarmVille
  10. Limited Parking Demolition Derby

Look for your LakeCountyEye -- where else? ...
... at the Lake County Fair.

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Anonymous said...

The Exhibit hall is set up way differently this year. More like a fair should be focusing on 4H and the Fais as a whole. Vendors selling along the walls and information or disinformation booths all congregated in the back.