Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Register Here to Vote + Vote Republican

Thanks go out to another sharp-eyed shutter-bug. We now have some more photos of the Lake County Republican's illegal voter registration operation at this year's County Fair. Click the photos to see a full image.

The message here must be:
Register Here to Vote and Vote Republican

The registration form.

And in case you don't know who to vote for,
there are some easy-to-see reminders on the back wall.


Anonymous said...

so again I ask, has this been elevated outside of Lake County? Or do we just accept this is the way it is in LC?

Anonymous said...

Yup. Democrats were coming over and taking photos all weekend of this legal activity which was vetted in advance and followed the law.

Perhaps they were trying to learn something about voter registration?

Anonymous said...

How about that Dr. Keller, meth coroner, investigating his own patient's cause of death after he prescribed meth to him?

Wow! investigating yourself and then claiming it is "politics" because he failed to timely report the death and the results of his own investigation! I bet a bunch of Democrats around here are appalled and will demand immediate justice.


Anonymous said...

Wait a second!! "Vetted in advance!?" So Helander pre-approved this registration drive less than a year after she stopped a similar registration drive in Waukegan? Excuse me? Situational enforcement of voter registration rules depending one what group is conducting the registration drive is not merely unfair, but reaches the level of a civil rights violation. And of course our geriatric, myopic, and utterly partisan State's Attorney will do nothing! It's time to take control of the Lake County Board and do what Schmidt should have done 4 years ago, independently audit both the Clerk and the Clerk of The Circuit Court's offices for both political practices and policies and their enormous waste. Why is it possible to get on-line information regarding parties to lawsuits in both Cook and Richland Counties (either end of the population and budget spectrum) and not Lake County. With the 17th highest property tax in the United States, we're paying for a Cadillac, but getting a Yugo!

Anonymous said...

Talk about utterly partisan!

Keller investigating a death from meth he prescribed? Keller investigating Keller?

Where is the squawking here by Democrats? Where are the calls for an investigation? Where are the calls for audits of Keller's office?

Why is Keller drawing a salary from taxpayers and then moonlighting as a doctor at a meth clinic?

Questions! Questions! Questions!

Anonymous said...

Nothing on Keller's blog on all this!

Anonymous said...

Since we're not sticking to the topic at hand:

How about the Republican County Board Member who stated the County needs to slash discretionary programs like affordable housing?

Since when is one's housing discretionary? When is it righteous or moral to yank someone's housing funds when its been determined they've dotted their i's and crossed their t's?

Maybe we need Gary Del Re to be in charge of the finances.
Also, where would the county be without the much maligned stimulus package?

Some Repubs just don't know which end is up, whether they are compassionate, faithful people, and whether their comments are more embarrassing than taking the high road and saying nothing.

Finally, while Waller and many a GOP'er is fond of saying wait until one has their day in court, I notice a lot of judges and juries floating around.

A medical director is not running an organization 24/7/365. Very honestly, a lot of people have difficulty with multiple drugs of choice or prescriptions (ain't that right Rush?!) and why don't we see how this pans out as it looks like Waller is going to pursue this when he wouldn't have if it were a Republican. Quasi-equal justic under law.

The GOP'er's should go back to being born-again fiscal conservatives after being lapsed fiscal conservatives for about 8 years.

Anonymous said...

Dr Keller directs a methadone clinic in Waukegan. Keller does not draw a salary there.

Anonymous said...

I assume from the GOP anonymous comments here that refer back to Keller instead of the topic that they admit the impropriety of the voter registration process at the Lake County Fair and of Helander's 'pre-vetting' or in other words, endorsement of this process. All the Dems need are two more County Board seats to put an end to Mrs. Mussolini's iron-fisted, totally partisan rule of the Board. Just two seats! So get out there and start passing petitions for the Dem county board candidates in your area and stand up for justice!

Anonymous said...

Boy oh Boy!

Not a single Democrat posting here is appalled that Dr. Keller investigated Dr. Keller on a drug overdose prescription death!

Not a single one!

Someone died and the prescribing doctor investigated himself? And he took his sweet time reporting the death?

He should resign his office. If a Republican did that, Democrats would be screaming for his head!

And the grieving family should hire a good malpractice attorney.

Anonymous said...

Umm, there has not been a determination of guilt yet.

To paraphrase a previous Bush:
It wouldn't be prudent at this junture to arrive at a conclusion. (Just read my lips! - Here I'm referring to Iran-Contra Bush, not Crawford, Texas for 5 weeks in 2001 Bush).

No one is saying who prescribed what, as the astute anonymous poster pointed out: medical director and personal physician are not the same thing. Now, to Rush the pill-shopper and popper Limbaugh, he might blur the line between doctor and medical director (by the way no GOP angst after he broke the law?), but the rest of us are smarter than Rush and his favorite President, aren't we?

As far as investigating themselves:
how about changing House ethics rules at the 11th hour after DeLay was under investigation?

Also, when a Senator runs afoul, the SENATE ethics committee (his or her friends) investigate).
Just like Waller (not) investigating his GOP buddies where credible allegations of wrong-doing are made (again, where's the GOP angst?)

How about going after US attorneys for not being partisan enough?
How about going after Senators trying to get the inside scoop on cases handled by a US attorney or trying to influence the US Attorney?

For someone who wanted to spread Democracy everywhere, he seemed to like significant and excessive (anti-Constitutional) power here. (AGAIN, no GOP angst. Just the relative morality of we're at war; he and Karl can do what ever they want. Hatch Act violations. Illegal searches. Illegal detentions. Lying. You name it. Its all 'good GOP policy.'

So please don't tell us what to do yet. You sort of forfeited that opportunity when you advocated for the Bushmeister. Or at least the chance to be taken seriously as fiscal conservatives.