Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Sign of Illegal Voter Registration at the McHenry County Fair

I haven't visited the McHenry County Fair, which is open through Sunday. But judging from the photos on Cal Skinner's Mchenry County Blog, there is no indication that an illegal voter registration operation is being conducted at the McHenry Fair in either the Republican or Democratic booths. We will keep you apprised of any new developments, if warranted.


Anonymous said...

Day three of silence from this blog.

No sign of mentioning the Keller scandal on this blog site! None! Nada! Zippo!

Who is editing this site? Pete Couvall?

Prescription of meth leads to death. The doctor who prescribed the meth did the investigation. Took his sweet time reporting it. Was he pulling down a second salary while working for the taxpayers? Hmmmmmm!

Where are the screaming headlines Eye on Lake County?

Oh yeah! Democrats good. Republicans evil lawbreaking thugs.

And a family weeps while Democrats pretend.

Anonymous said...

The death is not a political matter, it is a professional medical matter and therefore doesn't warrant mention here. The media and Lake County's Corrupt Old Party are trying to make the death a political matter. It has nothing to do with politics.

Anonymous said...

Day four of the largest scandal in Lake County and no mention on this site!

Keller investigated himself so everything was OK, right?

Keller, resign! Now!

Anonymous said...

I love the Team America tactic of trying to flood a blog with off-topic comments that just repeat a GOP refrain ad nauseum. How pathetic! But be careful, little boys. We wouldn't want to see TA's blog covered in Tweeting from the command center and illegal voter registration drives would we?

Also, notice how the Lake County GOP is ready willing and gleefully able to use this family's tragedy to the fullest extent. Are we surprised? Not one bit. It's either that their heart and their brains are three sizes too small, or something to do with their parents not giving them kittens to torture when they were 10 years old. Either way, these rabid GOP commenters just don't see the evil opportunism they're demonstrating.

Anonymous said...

The GOP is gleefully using this tragedy? All the GOP type postings I have seen on this site and elsewhere have expressed their sorrow to the family for their loss and demanded justice for that loss. One even said something about the family needing to hire a good lawyer for a malpractice case.

In the meantime, the number of Democrats demanding justice and a full investigation? Answer: None!

Why the coverup here? Keller may be a nice guy but so was Whipper, until Keller and the gang ripped him to pieces while he was Coroner.

Some of the posters here have made an excellent point. Why the silence on this subject from Democrats?

Keller should resign. Now. It's one thing to make a mistake. It's another to try to cover it up or take your sweet time reporting it.

Louis G. Atsaves

redtail said...

Louis, they may not be gleefully using the tragedy but they are using the tragedy. What explains all the off-topic comments about the tragedy posted on this blog? Including yours.