Saturday, August 15, 2009

Q the Eye/08.15.09

Dear LakeCountyEye,

I have a big election ahead for what everyone thought was an open seat. Well the jackass who was vacating the seat changed his mind -- he wants to keep it now and I have to run against an incumbent all of a sudden. No one told me I would have to do any campaigning in 2010 to win. Why can't we do like they do things in England? When you're queen over here, you're queen for life!

Up Schmidt Creek
Dear Washed Up,

Did you say campaign in 2010? Heck if you're not campaigning already now, you might as well serve notice to your jackass opponent that you plan to sit this one out. But your LakeCountyEye knows firsthand what a sad sack'o'sweat campaigning can be. Odious parades, knocking on doors, dialing for dollars, talking to obtuse voters, who needs it? It all makes that constitutional monarchy look good by comparison.

Elections are about perceptions more than anything else so what you need to do is master the art of the political grandstand. You could do worse than follow the lead of one enterprising politician recently seen up on a highhorse and saying No Thanks to a scheduled pay raise. The pol in question told the Daily Herald that ...
"I wanted to make sure the employees knew (the raises could be returned)," said Suzi Schmidt, the panel's leader since 2000. "I've never played politics with my county-board chairmanship, and I don't intend to do it now." The annual salary for nearly every county board member this year is $39,370. Schmidt will collect about $80,000, plus extra stipends, because she's the chairwoman.
If you try this yourself, make sure everyone knows about your magnanimity. It doesn't hurt to send out a press release ...
“I hear from residents nearly every day asking what we are doing to tighten our belt, just as they are doing. That’s why I am not taking a wage increase and I have encouraged other County Board members to do the same,” Chairman Schmidt said.
County Board Members Give Back Their Raises
... nor does it hurt to post same on your government website.

Now you're probably thinking that pay raises don't just conveniently fall out of the sky. And your LakeCountyEye knows all too well they do not. So you have to admire this pol -- who had the pay raise scheduled all along. The pol, according to the Herald, green-lit the raise a year in advance:
"We have to live, too," said Suzi Schmidt, whose annual salary would increase to $81,890 by 2010 under the plan. Schmidt also stands to receive a new $3,000 annual stipend for her work as liquor commissioner if the plan passes.
Party on!

Would you rather be making like your jackass opponent, shaking hands and kissing babies for the next 15 months? Or would you rather surf through the election poolside sipping at that strawberry piƱa colada? A couple of well timed political grandstands like this one is all you need.

If you are an elected official, or a previously elected official, or just a private citizen under indictment, send your political questions to Q the Eye c/o ...


Anonymous said...

She demanded it before she was against it and wanted to pat herself on the back. Those that were always against it didn't even pat themselves on the back.

This is someone who can help out in Springfield?

Anonymous said...

Apparently, being hypocritical is 'Leading by example.'

Also, if she wasn't running for office she wouldn't be returning her 'we gotta eat too' pay-raise, and let the rank and file be darned.

Is she aware that many a Lake County family tries to make ends meet on half her salary and benefits or less?

Team America said...

Excuse me, BB, but if perceptions are everything, what about the fact that Mr. Incumbent abandoned his senate district to run for Congress, only to turn tail and slink back to the 31st District when he was faced with a primary opponent that made him wet his panties?

Yeah, that's a great endorsement.

So, just out of curiosity, whatever happened to this supposedly being a centrist blog? Seems like the GOP candidates (not to mention its bloggers) are taking the brunt of your ire lately. Just askin'.


Anonymous said...

As I've said before, if the GOP did things where they could not be summed up as the Party of No, the Do Nothing Congress, the hate-mongers, and divisive & partisan, MAYBE there'd be wider appreciation for the GOP.

If TA bloggers stopped acting like GOP public officials never wasted money and were always above board, maybe there'd be more respectful discourse.
Of course, I'm convinced that the GOP isn't about respectful discourse. They are about 'winning' then failing to lead (Pate Phillip, Lee Daniels, George Bush?)

Am I supposed to appreciate Mark Kirk telling PACE how to spend stimulus funds when he was against the stimulus? Great job, sir! ):

Am I supposed to appreciate Mark Kirk breaking bad with China when we have been dependent upon China's loans at least since the Bush tax cut and a Bush war? Why didn't Mr. 'independent' bean counter speak up over the last 8 years?

Am I supposed to be pleased that the GOP allowed the assault weapons ban expire, only to have Mr. Kirk speak to law enforcement agencies about the need to take guns off the street? (Confused yet?)

Am I supposed to feel protected by a GOP-led Congress (in 2001) that focused on a marriage amendment and over-turning Roe instead of keeping the nation safe?

It may help to embrace the fact that there are times when doing nothing (economy, healthcare, education, etc.) will just not cut it and that by doing nothing we are eventually spending as much or more than making needed changes.

Of course, TA, if we were to act in kind like those on your blog, we'd be referring to people we disagree with nutjobs, loose cannons, and unAmerican. Of course, we're not because some of us were raised right.

Anonymous said...

This blog may be from the center - but it's the CENTER of the Democrat Party.

Too ashamed to state your party affiliation. I don't blame you.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the Eye Blog could have just commented on Suzzie's motives for the return of the pay raise, just as they could have commented on Bond changing his mind, without trying to be funny. But it should all be taken in perspective-TA comments on Bond, Eye comments on Suzzie and somewhere in the middle lies the truth. Each group has bad people and each group has good people, we just need to find those good people and elect them regardless of party affiliation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:56,

Couldn't agree with you more. I'm just stating the obvious. And that is that this blog is not a true "center" blog. TA openly admits his affiliations and I appreciate it. I started reading this blog because they claimed to be "centered". They're not.

I agree there are good and bad in each aisle and the best should rise. Support that completely!

Barney Baxter said...

Hi TA,
I like to think we're fair & balanced here. I can't speak for the other contributors to this blog, but the way things have shaken out it looks like I do the political satire. Anyone who's ever tried it knows never pass up an opportunity for comedy when it occurs.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I think Team America is starting to get worried!
"Wet his panties"!?!?! And to think that boob claims to be a lawyer! It's no wonder his blog is jam packed with bile spewing rabid dogs.

Guess the GOP candidates and office holders are taking the brunt here because THEY DESERVE IT. Over on TA's blog the juvenile name-calling, the racist hate-mongering, and the white-washing of the GOP's rampant trampling of election rules, tax fairness, and, well, the truth, define it's message every day.

Team America said...

I'll put you down as a fan, Anon 6:52. Thanks for reading TA.

LC Truth said...

The Lake County Eye has always been a left of center blog.

Anonymous said...

If you track the trends of Lake County, the red base is shrinking, blue is growing and Independents are shifting to the left.