Friday, August 21, 2009

Q the Eye/08.21.09

Dear LakeCountyEye,

What does a Lieutenant Governor do?

Golf Links
Dear Mulligan,

They must be serving snow-cones down in Hell today because this question has your LakeCountyEye licked. Do not despair, one does not get to be your LakeCountyEye without being resourceful & well-connected. Your question has been forwarded to various constitutional scholars, Springfield fixtures, political bureau chiefs, bathrobe bloggers, and the guy down the hall who likes to argue politics because he gets all his info from FoxNews. Your LakeCountyEye got a LakeCountyEarFull of opinions and managed to write down ten of them. Which should be more than enough for anyone with their gun-sights trained on the Lieutenant Governor's Mansion.

Herewith are 10 statutory obligations of the office of Illinois Lieutenant Governor:

1) Run for Lieutenant Governor every 4 years.

2) Laugh out loud and call HI-YO when the Governor tells a joke.

3) Two words: Designated Driver.

4) Issue orders to the Sergeant Governor.

5) Wish on every star the Governor was named Rod Blagojevich.

6) Wear the crown, should the reigning Miss America be unable to fulfill her duties.

7) Authorized to perform marriages between legislators when locked in all-night special session.

8) Ex-Governor Parole Officer.

9) Polish the old capitol dome.

10) Not. A. Damned. Thing.

If you are an elected official, or a previously elected official, or just a private citizen under indictment, send your political questions to Q the Eye c/o ...


edsullivanjr said...


Now that is funny! You forgot one; kick your pension up a notch as you will fulfill the requirement of last 48 months salary. We need to do away with the office and just put in a line of succession like maybe the AG first, SOS second or something to that effect.

Rep. Ed Sullivan

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious, Mr. Ed. Somehow I didn't see you as the type to be sucking-up to the Madigan family, but go figure. Note that your post was on township time, again. Or perhaps you make all that money from a part-time gig. All the same, you'd think a 'fiscally-responsible' GOP'er would just do away with township government all together. That there is what we call an enormous taxpayer-money sucking machine. But, don't worry, we understand. The law created the opportunity for that money wave, so you're just a guy up there ridin' it. Surf's up, Dude!

edsullivanjr said...

ANON 1:34pm:

You need to get over this whole public time issue you keep ranting about. I am going to assume you mean that because I posted at 9:09am I was on the clock or the public’s dime. I further assume that in your world that means I can only do government work between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm. In your unique world does that mean I do not need to go to any meetings after 5:00pm? I assume that also means my weekends are free right? If session in Springfield goes past 5:00pm I can tell Madigan sorry I do not need to be there because some anonymous blogger believes my hours as an elected official are only between the hours of 9 and 5, right? Forget morning breakfasts or holidays. I think you get my drift.

I have openly advocated getting rid of township assessors. I realize that is a funny stance as I am a township assessor. What I have learned is that the assessor function should be done at the county level to have more consistency among the various townships. Until that can happen, you need to have quality assessors doing the job. I am one of the best assessors in the state. Please do not take my word for it, go look at all the statistics by which assessors are measured. The Illinois Department of Revenue can help you.

As for me sucking up to Madigan, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. While Lisa Madigan is the current AG the concept of succession would be for the office not the person. God only knows the next time we would have to replace a Governor through death, retirement or impeachment. Nice try though.

Rep. Ed Sullivan

Crazy4glf said...

I find it interesting that a 'double-dipper' is talking about pension reform (again).

There have been countless articles of late of either people who 'retire' and are re-hired by governmental organizations or those earning credit toward a significant state pension due to dual, simultaneous roles in government.

And please spare me the details of how you are actually saving the Township money by giving money to charity or whatever you said the last time government official compensation came up.

Instead of telling anonymous what they need to do (unfunded mandate:), how about ensuring adequate funding for state programs and considering the context of one's comments with regard to the pension plans that the State has? Just a thought.

I also gotta love a public official telling you they are the best (Such an ego gets one's conversations recorded by the US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, if experience teaches us anything. Humility is so 2008!

edsullivanjr said...


Glad you could join the discussion. The ‘one of the best’ points was in response to the various former challengers, read Shephardson & Howland, that often attacked me for not being able to do both jobs adequately. The point was also in response to ANON’s attack that the only reason I have the job is that I am in it for the money. If you read the comment I stated not to take my word for it. Assessors are one of the few elected officials that are graded yearly. These figures are readily available at the Illinois Department of Revenue.

You are off base on the discussion of pensions and holding two jobs. An individual cannot gain service time for both pensions. Some day I will retire and be eligible for a GA pension. I lose the service time from the Township (IMRF) pension for the years I held dual roles. Once again do not take my word for it. Call the people that manage the GA pension. If there were two people holding the two positions then the maximum amount of service time would be established. Because I hold dual roles IMRF saves on my service time, seven years so far. After getting attacked on the issue I finally asked.

As for the people boosting their pensions the articles have not been in regard to dual roles (if I am wrong please list the incidents). The issue has been those that were grandfathered into old pension rules. I believe the old rules stated that those that were serving prior to 1995 are grandfathered into a system that says they only have to work less than a month to be eligible for the pension boost that comes with the increased salary. The most recent person was a southern Illinois Legislator that was appointed by the former governor to be the IDNR Director (Quinn removed him). He worked less than a month and received something like a 40k yearly boost in his pension.

Rep. Ed Sullivan

Crazy4glf said...

Ok, let's try another tack.
When the unemployment rate in Illinois is in the double digits and the State is laying off the rank and file, I have to wonder how those adversely affected by this and by the inability of the General Assembly to pursue more than a piece-meal, cover one's rear, approach to budgeting, thinks about someone with two governmental jobs.

Just because it is legal to sky-dive does not mean I'm jumping out of perfectly good airplane :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ed here is demonstrating exactly what the President was referring to about getting all 'wee-wee'd up." Junior is hilarious! Not, funny, ha-ha tells a good joke hilarious like Tom Cross can be. No, Mr. Ed's the joke all by his little lonesome, by his ad nauseum defensiveness, by how touchy that trigger finger really is, and ultimately by the utter lameness he portrays. For all the money he's raking in for his two taxpayer funded jobs, and all the time he spends on line, you'd think he'd be able to post the winning bid on ebay for some rapier, heck, even butter-knifier wit.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and help out us guys who actually have real jobs and don't have all day to diddle around on-line. Why don't you provide an exact reference to that performance grade for township assessors provided by the Illinois Department of Revenue. I really would like to see how y'all are doing.

edsullivanjr said...
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edsullivanjr said...

ANON 10:58/11:06:

Hopefully you are not still drinking that funky cool-aide at this hour because your rambling diatribe is getting hard to follow. Someone with your perceived intelligent I thought certainly would be able to figure out what statistical values are used to grade assessors. I apologize for hoping for the best. Here is a list to get you started. I also believe you could get these values from the Chief County Assessors office. I would give them to you but something tells me you would be hesitant to believe me. You could also ask Bryce Carus the incoming assessor for Avon Township. He is a numbers guy and someone you may trust.

1. Three year median level of assessments
2. Co-efficient of Dispersion
3. Township Multipliers
4. Budget: Staff vs. expenses

When you are done with this I will be happy to provide you with more research. Please go back as far as 1994 if you like. That was my first year in office.

Rep. Ed Sullivan

edsullivanjr said...


Governor Quinn asked for 29.6 billion dollars. The GA gave him 26 billion. He asked for and received ultimate authority to decide on how to spend the appropriated dollars. This was done through lump sum appropriations. A few things need to be explained about what transpired.
1. While I was not going to vote for a tax increase, neither was Speaker Madigan’s Caucus. This was prior to overtime session. After May 31 there was no way there were ever going to be 71 votes. There rest of the budget was built on that premise.
2. Speaker Madigan created the first budget, which I voted against, that fully funded state agencies and state workers while asking social service agencies to take a 50% cut. This is an average cut some would be more some would be less as there is federal match dollars involved.
a. This first budget did not downsize state government and did not re-open the ASCFME contract. This contract called for 4% raises. Government workers should not get raises when social service agencies are being cut.
3. In the overtime session I voted to add 3.5 billion to the budget. This was done with 5 year pension notes. I will readily admit the pension note borrowing is not the most desirable way to fund government. It was either that or shut government down and have 0% going to social services.
4. In the end Gov. Quinn will need to manage the budget with about 12% less money than the year before.
a. Most of my constituents have asked me to streamline government and live within our means.
5. Governor Quinn has asked for 12 furlough days or he will cut 2400 jobs. The GA has already started taking the days while the Unions have not.

Hopefully you have a better understanding of what transpired this year. You certainly may call my office and we can sit down to discuss this. I am always available to go talk to a group of people if you would like.

Rep. Ed Sullivan

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Eddie, you questioned my thinkiness with this gem of a sentence:

"Someone with your perceived intelligent I thought certainly would be able to figure out what statistical values are used to grade assessors."

I didn't think it possible to appear so dumb in one cap-to-period blathering. But you've pushed the edge of that envelope and for that I thank you.

I love how you repeatedly blow your own horn about your elevated ranking among all assessors in the universe (Which would be..... the creepiest of the creeps?), and then, when asked, actually invited to help us connect a little verification, authentication to your incessant tooting, you respond with the above-referenced, oxy-moronic insult and then lapse into the argot of assessorship assigning me prerequisite research before I could ever begin to understand your highly complex and intellectually rarified world.

Might I suggest you consult a campaign advisor, Mr. Ed? You were invited to give a clear, concise, and self-authenticating advertisement of your own accomplishments by way of a little citation to support your repeated tooting on this blog. You could just as easily provided a quick list, a little anecdotal data, or the department info of the record keepers you claim support your utter brilliance. Instead you provided public flatulence.

As I said before: Dude! You're hilarious!

Anonymous said...

After looking up 'argot' he responds................

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:12:

What are you smokin? The more I read this blog the more disgusted I get. Don't personally know Ed, but he makes the bunch of you look like IDIOTS!

Ed, great job explaining the pensions, etc. and good for you on fighting pension reform. Wish I lived in your district.

Baxter - you should rename your blog because your certainly not keeping an eye on lake county. It is clear this blog is an "Eye Spy on the GOP".

edsullivanjr said...


I certainly can give you the information. I just realize there is no point as you are not one to believe me.

Every time you type the blather that is swirling around your head you make the point for the person you are attacking at that time.

It has been fun, need to go consult my campaign advisor. Don’t let those voices in your head take over. You are a hoot and society needs a good laugh.

Rep. Ed Sullivan

Anonymous said...

So..... you drop the ball then insult the passer. Good strategery there, Hoss.

I love how you pop up on this blog, get resoundingly whacked, then disappear to your own little poutty-land like a 6 year-old girl. It's great! It's like our own little version of cyber 'whack-a-mole'! Except, of course, that it's a freakin tragedy that the 'mole' happens to be some blithering idiot who's sucking up two taxpayer funded jobs.

Crazy4glf said...

When Illinois' income tax rate is lower than some states and states that didn't have an income tax are now considering implementing one - although I am not a 'tax-and-spender' (like George Bush) - I do not see the distinct problem with a gradual, possibly temporary tax increase with a sales tax rate decrease, requisite spending cuts, and tax credits.
I also do not see the value of adhering to a no new taxes ('read my lips') platform when it will weaken (or should I say, when it HAS WEAKENED) the State's credit rating making it more expensive to borrow (possibly including pension notes).
Repubs were against creative pension funding methodologies under Blago, though have no problem with them now?!
Say what you want now, Mr. Sullivan, you admitted to voting for it. You do not have a signing statement or disclaimer when you vote for it so the end result is the same. Voting affirmatively means accepting or being ok with it.

I believe the experts call a sales versus income tax approach progressive versus regressive tax theory. Sales taxes have an impact on local economies (where one would think a local official would be concerned about this) and a disproportionate effect on those at lower socio-economic strata. Those at higher tax rates pay for accountants (or their corporations pay for financial consulting), use 'vehicles' to avoid taxes (investments, healthcare accounts), and are able to make non-profit organization contributions or professional expenses that defray their tax hit.
(Contrary to your patronizing, self-promoting comments, most of us do our homework).

Also, the highly paid Legislature purposely passed on their responsibility to pass a sensible budget, forcing the Governor to make difficult decisions. If this is how the GA wants to act, we can get rid of most or all of the GA like Mr. Quinn brought about as a common citizen decades ago and SAVE quite a bit of money.

Also, if we didn't have some on the Right like Ms. Radogno claim that 'Drastic cuts are not necessary' and hold weekly press conferences spreading this less than completely accurate statement, there'd be more room for compromise.
By the way, if you state that there'd be no funds for social services, and Ms. Radogno claims no drastic cuts are necessary, who are we to believe, we who are the meek and will eventually 'Inherit the wind,' oh great academe and professional?

Finally, it saddens me to see a public official refer to citizen comments as 'Diatribes,' referring to their 'Perceived intelligence', referring to the 'Voices in their heads' (calling into question your sensitivity to those with schizophrenic and other psychotic disorders), and makes assumptions that we won't believe you.

*It is hard to believe that someone is sensitive to our ideals and needs when we are treated in such a less than prudent, deplorable manner (on multiple occasions), when we pay their salaries. A blog does not give anyone - especially a public official - license to use whatever verbiage they see fit and not evoke criticism, distrust, and frustration. (The GOP as a morally superior, more prudent and respectful party?)

*It is hard to believe someone is concerned about compensation reform when they make no bones about holding two government jobs.
I'm not certain how anyone can pursue a part-time job while being an assessor, much less one that requires travel out of the region.

*It is hard to believe a Party that doesn't agree with itself (again 'there'd be no funds for social services' versus 'no drastic cuts are required'), much less the fact they don't show a willingness to negotiate or compromise state-wide or nationally.

If only the behavior on this blog was exposed to more of the voting public in your District and your Township, I have to wonder what people would say.

edsullivanjr said...


I believe the interactions on this blog between you and I have been cordial. You have made some good points and I have given some good answers. The anonymous poster is the one that with the “deplorable behavior”. Please go back and read my first comment to the post. I was giving my thoughts on an issue that BB posted. There were no snarky comments. I believe most people that might read the comments to this post would see that I was attacked and I answered in kind.

A few thoughts:

*While I agree Illinois has a low income tax compared with other states, our overall tax burden is fairly high. As it is the weekend I do not have access to the data to show you. You seem like a fairly knowledgeable person on the subject so I am sure you understand what I am talking about.

*I voted for the first pension note financing. I realize most of my republican colleagues were opposed to it. The state actually is better off because we refinanced our debt.

*As for the legislature passing on our responsibility to make cuts, you are wrong. Gov. Quinn asked for the power to manage the budget the way he sees fit. We did not pass an override of his veto of the original budget per his request. A new budget was crafted that he asked for.

I think we differ in philosophy in that you believe the spending levels in Illinois are correct and we therefore need additional revenue. I start with the premise that we spend too much money. Why are we paying for healthcare for someone making 85K a year? Why are seniors of tremendous wealth allowed to ride public transportation for free? Why do we only have 7% of our Medicaid population in managed care? There needs to be structural reform of our budget.

Rep. Ed Sullivan

Crazy4glf said...

If the GA had passed a decent budget without grand-standing the Governor's involvement would have been limited to signing or vetoing a budget bill. Period.
Blame or responsibility for this GA failure falls on the better part of the GA. I could be way off, though I believe that the GA - like most legislative bodies - has a Constitutional responsiblity to establish State budgets and spending priorities. This simply and objectively did not occur.

I believe that I stated my belief in the need to provide sufficient services while identifying ways to reduce the overall tax burden. One way is to lower the state sales tax which may improve consumer spending, the sustainability of stores, and the sustainability of counties and villages. I am not a tax and spender. I am also unaware of how to close the State's budget deficit without some sort of increase in revenue the State receives. We cannot and should not cut our way to eliminating the deficit. Also, I do not believe that I am alone in this view.
I have been trying to advocate for prudent cuts or eliminating truly unnecessary spending (special sessions do have costs, forgiven loans to connected individuals by a previous State Treasurer did not go unnoticed, and expenses on pet projects like a certain terminal in a West Chicago airport and spending on a proposed, unnecessary Peotone airport, and the Illinois First program that even GOP GA members thought was too big along with a current spending program that devotes excessive spending on unnecessary re-modeling of State buildings and the like, etc. are examples of truly questionable spending).

Hence, when people of a certain party have a record of approving less than prudent, fiscally responsible, and self-serving, spending at the State or federal level and have taken a 'my way or the highway' approach that has not been without untoward comments and disdain, it is hard to believe in their new-found fiscal conservativeness and calls for decency and openness.

Illinois is a laughing stock when it comes to corruption, spending on education and social services, and the techniques approved to 'solve' budgetary issues.

Grandstanding, approving components that one is supposedly not in favor of, and less than respectful treatment of citizens are not genuine or acceptable.

According to various studies I can obtain and provide, Managed Care is not a magic pill. Either spending is not reduced or outcomes do not improve or both.
Free public transportation for seniors should be based on a means test, however I will note that I am uncertain if those on the right side of the aisle would go on record as taking away a benefit to those that vote the most often.

I note that my comments about stark and uncategorical GOP differences of opinion were not fully addressed.
Nor was there an acceptance of responsibility for one's comments. If I am in a discussion with someone who swears or deviates from respectfulness - especially if one is a public official - this does not give one the right to be insulting. It is demonstrative of what I call relative morality. The situation required a deviation from what one would normally do.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed, can you donate your pay raise back to Freemont like the Avon elected officials donated their pay back to Avon? It will certainly help those in need of General Assistance and maybe people will get off your back about the two salaries you collect.

edsullivanjr said...

ANON 8:06:

Fremont Township did not vote in raises. Supervisor Pete Tekampe and I suggested to the board that in there tough economic times Fremont Township should freeze all compensation for the next four years. This has already been voted on. There will not be one elected official in Fremont Township that will receive a raise, a COLA, or increased compensation of any kind for the entire 4 year term. You should ask AVON if they are donating four years worth of raises or just one. They may have, I just do not know.

Rep. Ed Sullivan

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that each year they will donated that year's pay raise back. I think the doanted pay for the Supervisor is something like $10,000 for the 4 years, kinda alot to donate back in one helping.

edsullivanjr said...


Good for them. That is leadership.

REp. Ed Sullivan