Friday, January 26, 2024

Flight Payment

it pays to fly
Did you hear the one about the Illinois County that built a bridge through terrain that saw no traffic at all? They paid for it with a toll both.

HaHa true story. Which may explain how this story happened:
one thing motorists won't meet when they drive over the Longmeadow Parkway bridge is a toll taker, electronic or otherwise. With construction nearly complete and the bridge across the Fox River expected to open later this year, it's now official that the span will be toll-free.
Longmeadow Parkway bridge will be toll-free when it's expected to open this fall after much controversy
Enjoy it while you can, however. One ostensibly regional authority told your LakeCountyEye: "The minute that parkway is annexed for the Waukegan International Airport runway expansion, the toll booth goes back up. It costs money to run an airport."

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