Sunday, January 21, 2024

Bomb Trains Bursting in Air

artist's rendition
It's been so cold in Lake County that some people are hoping the exploding bomb train can warm things up in their town.

HaHa, the Village of Barrington is building an overpass for the exploding Lake County train:
Drivers traveling through Barrington along Northwest Highway know what it’s like to suffer long delays as they wait for freight train traffic to clear along the Canadian National Railway tracks near Route 59. But relief is on the horizon. Work begins this year on a $94.1 million project to build a long-awaited underpass carrying Route 14 traffic between Route 59 and Valencia Avenue below the railroad tracks.
'Long awaited and longed for': Underpass work in Barrington set to begin
One regional functionary told your LakeCountyEye that anyone craving winter entertainment won't need to drive through an expensive holiday light show. They will be able to drive under the exploding bomb train instead. And all for free.

In related news, the Waukegan International Airport is expected to file a legal claim on the overpass for its runway expansion project.

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