Friday, January 12, 2024

Boom Town

boom and bust
Pyrophiles will not have to wait until the Fourth of July this year. The Village of Fox River Grove wants to blow up part of its downtown in April:
Fox River Grove is one step closer to revitalizing its downtown as the village plans to start demolition on a full block along Route 14 in the spring.
Fox River Grove aims to start demolition on downtown block in April
The Village of Fox River Grove will demolish 6 heirloom storefronts on Rte 14 to make room for a 5 story apartment building. The properties were acquired by eminent domain:
Fox River Grove uses eminent domain to buy downtown properties, meaning possible redevelopment but also New China’s closure
In related news, the Waukegan Airport issued a cease-and-desist order: "Not so fast, there, Village of Fox River Grove. The Waukegan International Airport shall be exercising eminent domain authority to seize that land for its runway expansion project."

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