Tuesday, June 20, 2023

There Goes the Buzzer

don't take no for an answer
Its mission has been to kill insects. But now the Southlake Mosquito Abatement District sees that the Grim Reaper is knocking on its own front door.

Oh the irony:
Dissolution could be looming for Lake County's last mosquito abatement district after board shakeup
The Southlake Mosquito Abatement District has been using chemical weapons to exterminate mosquitoes for more than 75 years.  And insect populations are collapsing throughout the globe ...
Habitat loss, pesticides and climate change are threatening insect populations worldwide. In 2019, Biological Conservation reported that 40% of all insects species are declining globally and that a third of them are endangered.
The world's insect population is in decline — and that's bad news for humans
Now that mosquitoes are going extinct in Lake County, is it time for the Southlake Mosquito Abatement District to finally bite the dust?

That next Southlake Mosquito Abatement District insecticide spray truck you see just may be on the way to the happy hunting grounds.

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