Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Cut to the Chase

Anyone who is anyone in Lake County is watching the Federal trial against James Weiss, who is accused of bribing elected officials. (For the record, legal scholars say Weiss will ultimately walk free -- when Donald Trump becomes President again, he will issue a blanket pardon to anyone convicted of a federal offense.)  But one Lake County politician features prominently in the trial. Of course your LakeCountyEye refers to Chase Heidner.

Heidner's father, Rick Heidner was mentioned by name on the witness stand. It turns out that Illinois elected officials were taking ...
campaign donations from both sweepstakes proponents and opponents, including Rick Heidner, a video poker kingpin.
Witness testifies on turn to mole
Ex-state senator says he cooperated after facing tax charges
It goes without saying that Chase Heidner was a 2023 candidate for Barrington Library Trustee. Heidner came in fourth out of a field of four.
Note to Ops: Will you be a candidate for Library or School Board in 2025? Is one of your parents a video poker kingpin? Then promise to install nickel slot machines in your Library or School. The voters are guaranteed to reward you!

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