Sunday, April 2, 2023

The Law and Order Party

oh my
Question of the day:
Q: The Democrats are soft on crime!

A: Let's see you do any better if you were up against an unprecedented Republican crime wave.
HaHa, Donald J Trump has been indicted for cooking his books. And now a conservative New York PAC has been caught red handed as well:
A New York-based political action committee belatedly reported that it so far has spent more than $13,000 backing conservative candidates in next week's local school board elections in Illinois. Its reports were submitted beginning late Tuesday after the Tribune wrote that the group had not disclosed what it spent on mailers that began arriving in Chicago-area mailboxes last week within the time frame required under state law.
Out-of-state PAC backing conservative school board candidates belatedly files spending report
The PAC is funded by Lake County moneybags Richard Uihlein. Closer to home, an Illinois PAC funded by Uihlein also got itself into legal hot water:
the Illinois Democratic Party filed a legal complaint against the Darren Bailey campaign for governor. The complaint says that the campaign illegally coordinated with an independent political action committee (known as a super PAC). The super PAC, called the "People Who Play By The Rules PAC", is led by Republican political operative, talk show host, and one-time failed gubernatorial candidate, Dan Proft. The People Who Play By The Rules PAC is funded almost entirely by billionaire businessman and Republican mega-donor, Richard Uihlein.
Illinois Democrats File Legal Complaint Against the Darren Bailey Campaign
Finally, there is Millburn District 24 school board member Peter Pettorini. Can he get some of that Uihlein money? Pettorini is President of the Lake Villa Township Republican Club. And he is under criminal investigation:
Round Lake High teacher, Millburn school board member under criminal investigation
Pettorini may qualify.

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