Monday, April 10, 2023

The Bully Culprit

cock and bull story
He was the top of the ticket candidate for his political party. He was, however, subsequently hauled into court, whereupon he threatened the judge. And now ...
Breaking News!
He is is going to jail.

Your LakeCountyEye of course is referring to Lake County favorite son and honorary Republican, Kash Jackson:
A man who ran for governor in 2018 was sentenced to four years in prison for threatening two Lake County judges. Grayson K. Jackson, also known as Kash Jackson and Benjamin Winderweedle, 44, threatened to kill the two judges who presided over an ongoing civil case Jackson was party to during a call in October 2021 to the Lake County sheriff's court security office.
Former governor candidate gets 4 years in prison for threatening Lake County judges
One random Lake County GOP spokesman was overheard to say: "The New York judge who is trying Donald Trump has received dozens of threats. And Trump is walking free right now. They're a bunch of snowflakes out here in Lake County."

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