Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Perp School?

The Lake County GOP is sweating bullets. Why? Because there is a preeminent Republican, a former candidate and office holder, who is under criminal investigation. And who could be indicted.

Your LakeCountyEye, of course, refers to Peter Pettorini:
A Round Lake High School English teacher is on leave and the subject of a criminal investigation stemming from an allegation made against him in early January, but school and police officials are not disclosing the nature of the accusation.
Round Lake High teacher, Millburn school board member under criminal investigation
Pettorini is an elected member and vice president of the Millburn District 24 school board:
Of course the voters decide who will sit on the school boards. As they will do again on April 4, election night.

But will the voters get to vote for or against Peter Pettorini? No. Pettorini's term does not expire until 2025.

Stay tuned. By 2025 Pettorini may have the endorsement of another high-profile Republican under criminal investigation, Donald J Trump. In this highly charged political environment any arresting development is possible.

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